Quiz: Are You Toxic?


Reality check.  

Every single person reading this blog is carrying excess toxins in their bodies.

A health oriented lifestyle, full of fresh fruits and vegetables, lots of sleep, and low stress still won’t guarantee a clean bill.

Even babies who are just born into the world are affected.  A 2004 study that looked at the umbilical blood of 10 babies revealed the presence of 413 toxins!  Obviously these babies haven’t smoked a cigarette, tried drugs, or eaten any fast food.

What toxins are you holding onto in YOUR body?

We are all at risk.  Yes, even you.

Never before in human history have we been more exposed to so many chemicals – the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the release of chemicals in our homes and work places.  Our bodies are designed to detoxify naturally, but with the burden we’re exposed to, often times our bodies can’t keep up.

Even if you eat 100% organic all the time and drink filtered water, you’re still at risk.

How does detoxification work?
We naturally clear out toxins via our liver, kidneys, lungs, and skin – but these organs can becomes compromised under an intense workload and with a shortage of necessary nutrients.  When toxins aren’t cleared out, they are recirculated in the body and become held in the tissues.  Toxins build up and can ultimately cause the cells of the body to die – this can make us very sick.

What are symptoms/conditions of toxin overload?

• Gas, bloating

• Headache, brain fog

• Joint and muscle aches

• Acne or skin rashes

• Bad breath, or bitter, metallic taste

• Fatigue

• Dark circles under eyes

• Weight gain

• Sleep disturbances

Conditions associated with toxicity:

• Leaky gut

• Arthritis

• Hypothyroidism

• Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

• Fibromyalgia

Are you toxic?  Take the Quiz!!  

More than 5 “yes” answers means you have an increased risk of a toxic burden.
(If you answer yes to 9,11, and 13 – they don’t count towards the total score)

1.  Do you eat fast-food meals at least 3 times per week?

2.  Are you overweight?

3.  Do you tend to overeat?

4. Do you consume “sugar free” food sweetened with aspartame or Equal?

5.  Do you regularly or knowingly consume foods that contain MSG (may be in soy protein isolate, soysauce, hydrolyzed vegetable protein)?

6.  Do you eat foods, especially packaged foods, that contain artificial colors?

7.  Do you eat “refined carbs” any time during the day?

8.  Do you eat non-organic produce?

9.  Do you eat at least 7-9 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables per day (1/2c servings)?

10.  Do you drink sodas every day or several times a week?

11.  Do you drink organic coffee if you are a coffee drinker?

12.  Do you drink more than 2 cups of coffee per day?

13.  Do you drink at least 8 glasses or 2 quarts of water per day?

14.  Do you cook or reheat foods in plastic containers?

15.  Do you microwave your foods?

16.  Are you presently using prescription drugs?

17.  Have you ever experienced an allergic reaction to or have had side effects from any medications?

18.  Do you have negative reactions to caffeine or caffeine-containing products?

19.  Do you currently smoke or use tobacco products?

20.  Have you smoked within the past 10 years?

21.  Have you ever used recreational drugs?

22.  Do you experience brain fog or drowsiness?

23.  Do you develop symptoms on exposure to fragrances, exhaust fumes, or strong odors?

24.  Do you feel ill after consuming even small amounts of alcohol?

25.  Have you ever been exposed to harmful chemicals (petrochemicals, organic solvents, etc.)?
This could be one great exposure or several small exposures.

26.  Have you ever been exposed to mold in your house or work environment?

27.  Have you ever had chemical dependence?

28.  Have you ever had asthma?

29.  Have you ever had chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia?

30.  Do you have allergies to environmental substances or food?

31.  Do you work in an environment in which you are directly or indirectly exposed to toxins (heavy metals, industrial chemicals, etc)?

Did you score higher than a 5?  It’s time for YOU to detoxify!
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Don’t wait another day to take back your health.  Get back on track and do a detox plan today!  What do you have to lose, besides brain fog, toxins, and extra pounds?

The whole program is 20% off until August 19th.  Do the program with a friend/spouse/partner, and save even more!

To vibrant health,

Dr Lauren Noel

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