In the beginning…

Jump in my DeLorean – Let’s travel back to my high school days. No, I wasn’t a cavewoman. Keep reading. The picture will make sense later.

We’re in Niwot, Colorado circa 1997. I just turned 16 years old, and I just bought my first car, a used Chrysler LeBaron convertible with my hard earned money. Oh yeah, big pimpin’!

I saw the world as one big adventure.

I loved being a teenager. Life was exciting (and like totally serious!). There was nothing more to life than clothes, rap music, boys, and volleyball. Nutrition was not a priority.

I ate like a typically teenager: carbs, carbs, and more carbs.

Breakfast of champions: two bowls of cereal, sometimes three. Skim or 1% milk. Orange juice. Lunch of course was a trip to one of the local fast food joints with girlfriends. We’d take our pick between Taco Bell, Burger King, or Abo’s Pizza. Dinner was usually the most balanced meal, with protein and veggies of some sort, compliments of mom.

I pulled off the image of an exuberant, full-of-life young woman…and my spirit sure was. But in actuality, my body was breaking down.

I was sick. I had acne, fatigue, back pain, depression, anxiety, an irregular menstrual cycle, plus I carried around an extra 25 pounds. I was cold all the time, even in the scorching summer. I got recurrent strep throat and was on antibiotics more times than I could count. I looked and felt awful.

Looking back, with my doctor hat on now, it’s so crystal clear. Besides having an undiagnosed thyroid condition, the health of my gastrointestinal tract was in shambles. No Kaiser doctor mentioned that. In fact, they told me that my diet wasn’t connected with my health at all.

Thank God that I discovered Naturopathic Medicine!

A naturopathic doctor in Denver was recommended to me and she guided me back to health within just a few months.

It turned out I had food sensitivities that had damaged my gut to the point of having “leaky gut”. Because of the damage to my intestinal tract, I had severe inflammation in my body that was affecting my immune, endocrine, and neurological system.

Upon cleaning up my diet, repairing my gut, and supporting my thyroid, my health was regained – and then some!

To modern medicine this success is unheard of, to naturopathic medicine – it happens every day.

Fast forward 10 years. I am now a naturopathic doctor who specializes in the very conditions that I was once afflicted with – thyroid conditions, and digestive disorders. Isn’t it funny how life works?

I want to help others find the health that I have found, and I have the personal experience to back it up, so I understand where my patients are coming from. They can sense that.

It has taken some trial and error, and I have fine-tuned my diet and lifestyle over the years. What I have found to be the best diet for me, and for my patients is the Paleo Diet. This diet emulates the ways of eating of our Paleolithic ancestors (cave men).

The diet consists of grass fed and free range meats, pasture raised eggs, organic fruits and veggies, and raw nuts and seeds. By following this way of eating, naturally you eat a very low allergen diet. Your blood sugar stays balanced throughout the day. You take in the building blocks for healthy hormone and neurotransmitter balance. Plus, you avoid ingesting chemicals that make digestion difficult – such as lectins, phytates, and protease inhibitors that are found in grains and beans.

Yes, we all have unique biochemical individuality, and I am not claiming that the Paleo diet is a panacea. But it makes sense to follow the ways of our remarkably healthy Paleolithic ancestors.

What do patients experience when they go Paleo? The results are astounding and they vary widely. Rashes disappear. Acne clears up. Weight falls off. Belly bloat is gone. Muscle pain and joint pain subsides. Energy levels increase. For some patients, their depression lifts off for the first time in their life. Wait – it kinda sounds like my success story.

I don’t need any more proof than repeated success with patients. When they follow a Paleo diet, they get better – all across the board. Who needs more proof than that?

But Dr. Noel, isn’t this the opposite of the way the government tells us to eat? Why yes! Yes, it is!

In my professional opinion, the Food Guide Pyramid provides the road map for diabetes, cancer, strokes, autoimmune disease, and heart disease. The same diseases that put billions of dollars in the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry. Turn that pyramid upside down and you’ve got a good start to a healthy diet.

Want to learn more about the Paleo diet right from the source? Tune in to my radio show this week with a very special guest. No it’s not a caveman, but just as good! Details below!

Wishing you exuberant health,
Dr. Lo

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