Weight Loss

There are 6 fat burning hormones and only 3 fat storing hormones.

Dr. Noel’s program works to help your body activate the 6 fat burning hormones and keep the 3 fat storing hormones inactive, turning the body into a fat burning machine.

Fat Burning Blockers:

  • Sugar

  • Nutrient-dense foods

  • Protein (in the wrong amounts, stimulates fat-storing hormones)

  • Fats (unhealthy fats stress the liver)

  • Skipping meals, reduced calories, frequent hunger

  • Alcohol, caffeine, drugs, toxins, excitoxins (promote water retention)

  • Stress

  • Lack of Sleep

Have you ever tried a diet that worked for a friend but not for you?

There are 5 primary body types and each body type needs a different solution. That is why Dr. Noel designs an individual weight loss plan for each individual. She will evaluate body systems, hormone balance (when necessary), heart rate variability, sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous system balance, blood pressure, and body mass index. The primary goal is to balance body function by removing stress to the organ systems affecting your weight gain.

Losing weight doesn’t necessarily make you healthier, but becoming healthier will definitely make it easier to lose weight. The correct goal is to get healthy. Dr. Noel looks beyond calories and exercise. This will solve other underlying problems to losing weight and improve your overall health. Dr. Noel also helps you understand how and why it works.


  • Increased energy

  • Less or no cravings

  • Better sleep (improved quality)

  • Adequate sleep (at least 7 hours)

  • Good digestion

  • Inches lost on body measurements

Tired of trying different diets and not seeing results? Get started the right way. Get results sooner.

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