Thyroid Recovery

Millions of Americans and citizens abroad are suffering needlessly with undiagnosed, misdiagnosed, or poorly managed thyroid problems. In fact, the common treatments for thyroid problems are often ineffective.

Of the 7 patterns of Thyroid symptoms only 1 is helped by hormone therapy. The other 6 are often mishandled and cause a lifetime of stress and frustration, chasing the cure from one doctor’s office to another. Even the one case where hormone therapy is effective the results are inconsistent without the proper functional support.

Frustration grows even further when patients are told their lab work looks “normal” as they deal daily with symptoms that adversely affect their quality of life. In fact, for most patients, the real cause of hypothyroidism deals with stress to the immune system, not the thyroid directly and doesn’t show up in most standard lab tests leaving the patient feeling lost and confused.

Are your lab tests within normal limits yet you still suffer from symptoms such as:

  • Low Libido?

  • Hair Loss?

  • Inability to Lose Weight?

  • Weight Gain?

  • Trouble Falling Asleep?

  • Trouble Staying Asleep?

  • Nervousness or Anxiety?

  • Heart Palpations?

  • Digestive Issues?

  • Constipation?

  • Cold Hands?

  • Cold Feet?

  • Moodiness?

  • Inability to Concentrate?

  • Inability to Remember Simple Things?

Have you been told you have Hashimoto’s Syndrome or a lower functioning Thyroid and nothing can be done about it?

The way that Dr. Noel addresses your thyroid dysfunction is by uncovering the underlying patterns of your thyroid symptoms, understanding your personal barriers to healing, and establishing a program for you that works. End the confusion and begin the process of repairing your body.

Let her show you:

  • The 7 patterns of Hypothyroidism and how to effectively treat it

  • How to understand Autoimmune challenges and to properly manage them

End the frustration of dealing with outdated healthcare thinking and experience the results so many others are finding. Click the link to schedule your Thyroid Symptom Consultation.

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