Chronic Fatigue

The diagnostic criteria for chronic fatigue are vague and often don’t match actual patient complaints or case management. This is why so many physicians see chronic fatigue as not only untreatable, but also permanent. There is a better way.

The causes of chronic fatigue are multiple in nature, and can span various body systems. Most importantly, they will be relatively unique for each individual.

The most frustrating symptoms that patients feel include:

  • Poor sleep quality

  • Chemical and heavy metal toxicity

  • Gut dysfunction

  • Allergies

  • Adrenal exhaustion

  • Nutritional deficiencies

  • Insulin resistance

  • Thyroid dysfunction

The key to finding the correct starting point for each individual is staying away from general treatment protocols. Each symptom may need to be addressed individually or as a component of the overall stress on the systems of the body. You must understand the causes of chronic fatigue differ from one person to another significantly, as do the links between those causes, the relative importance of the causes and the indicated treatments for a specific person.

I’m sure you realize this complex process is unlikely to be sorted out in a single 10-minute visit with a healthcare provider or by using a prescription for the latest antidepressant.

Dr. Noel understands that one the greatest failures in treating a single issue is assuming the rest of the body is functioning as a healthy body. The key to breaking the cycle and making real progress is finding the underlying cause of the each individual’s symptoms. Where does the imbalance truly lie?

Dr. Noel’s expertise is about running the proper lab work, looking at the entire person, finding a comprehensive and affordable solution, and finally seeing results that last.

Chronic fatigue can be intertwined in complex body processes.  The good news is there is a great deal that can be done to help resolve these common, debilitating problems. But the first step to getting better is finding a practitioner who takes a multi-system approach to chronic fatigue.

End the frustration of dealing with outdated healthcare thinking and experience the results so many others are finding. Don’t wait any longer to feel the best that you can.

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